Challenge Packs

An easy and inexpensive way to get started quickly is to start out with a Beachbody Challenge Pack.  By ordering a Challenge Pack you will receive a fitness program, supplements, VIP Club membership, and FREE Shipping to top it all off for a significantly reduced rate!

There are Beachbody Challenge Packs available for almost all of Beachbody’s most popular workout programs.  Below are links to the workout programs we have successfully completed:




Insanity: The Asylum

There are way more bundles available (see below).  As I said previously stated the programs listed above are the one’s we have completed at this time.  Our wishlist is long and we look forward to trying some of these awesome programs as well!

Les Mills Pump

10 Minute Trainer

Turbo Jam

Hip Hop Abs

Rev Abs

Slim in 6

Brazilian Butt Lift

Body Gospel

Along with these programs we encourage you to become active in one of our challenge groups that we administer via Facebook and also to join the Beachbody Challenge for a chance to win some CASH for all your commitment and hard work.  Click here to learn more about the Beachbody Challenge.