Growing an Oak is a long process

Many people see all the infomercials for P90X, Insanity, and other Beachbody workout programs and are immediately drawn to the drastic changes that people see in 60 – 90 days (depending on which program is being advertised).  We were too!  On the same token I’ve had the honor to be surrounded by many wise people growing up as a child and somewhere along the way someone instilled within me that “it takes a long time to grow an oak”.

What a concept in a day and age where we can hit a button on our microwave labeled “popcorn” and within a few short minutes have popcorn.  However, those of us that grew up with air poppers and other traditional ways of making popcorn know that, although those ways take longer, at the end of it all the popcorn tastes so much better!

Such are many things in life and fitness and health is no exception.  “To grow an oak” in fitness is to be patient and disciplined for a long time to allow the roots to grow deep and spread wide allowing a good foundational support that will hold strong even in the harshest of storms.

In light of “it takes a long time to grow an oak”, here are a few things to consider:

Recently I read an article by a guy who was talking about his decades in the Health and Fitness Industry.  He recalled being in photo shoots surrounded by models with “bodies like greek gods” yet they could barely do a pushup correctly.

Hitting closer to home for me is my Wife, Father-in-Law, and Brother-in-Law.  For years they ate whatever they wanted and while I bloated up…they remained thin.  Granted they didn’t have “bodies like greek gods” but they seemingly didn’t gain an ounce and certainly didn’t “look unhealthy”.  Now-a-days, Kaci eats healthier and does Beachbody workouts regularly…and I have to say, she’s ripped now!

For my part, I have to stay on top of my diet.  Yes, I was blessed with an athletes body and build but if I let my diet go one bit…it doesn’t matter how hard I work out that stinking flat tire comes back around my waist!  And here’s the other thing.  Although I saw results immediately after I started following a nutrition plan, after 30 days progress slowed down and I just had to keep digging in and grinding.  My story is 2 years in the making…not 90 days!

Then you have to remember that sometimes our bodies are trying to tell us something but we’ve got all these false fitness paradigms built up in our minds that need to be broken down.  Recently I wrote another post about being in a plateau.  My body told me that it was in starvation mode but it took me months to figure this out.  Those were frustrating months of seeing my weight stay the same but I could tell in the mirror that I was getting some fatty build up in areas.  I pushed my caloric intake down.  I pushed my carbohydrate intake down.  But I felt my fitness level slipping until that night I made the startling discovery and broke down some paradigms I had built up (read the article here).  Now I’m seeing progress again BUT it’s only after months of frustration!

To sum it up:  Your body style may not be such that will allow you to look like a greek god in 60-90 days.  However, given enough time, dedication, and education you could see changes in your body that will exceed your wildest expectations.  The oak tree that survives the fiercest storm is the one that has deep roots, a strong foundation.  That’s what Kaci and I desire not only in our Fitness lifestyle but yours too…deep roots and a strong foundation that will weather any storm life throws at us.  It won’t happen over night because it takes a long time to grow an oak!



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