Kaci’s Story

Kaci singing at a concert (courtesy of http://www.neelymusic.com)

Growing up I’ve was always active in gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, track, and dance. I was fortunate enough to continue my dance career into my college years and beyond. Throughout my life I have never been overweight, but I had no muscle tone or strength. With the body style I have, I was always able to eat whatever I wanted and since I wasn’t “fat” I had no motivation to workout. I was addicted to sugar and had no idea what eating healthy even looked like.

After having four kids I was very unhappy with how my body looked and how I felt but I did nothing to change. In 2008 I started to workout a little bit, but it was mainly jogging and it only lasted about a year with minimal results. 2009 was a year in which my husband and I began to move towards full-time, national touring music career and we both knew that because people “listen with their eyes first” we would have to change. In 2010, I saw one of my Facebook friends post something about Insanity. I researched it and knew right away that I wanted to do it!

Finally getting my husband on board, I started my real fitness journey in July of 2010. I went through 2 rounds of Insanity, losing some inches and pounds and gaining some muscle! My nutrition was better than it ever had been.  Although I took baby steps at cutting out sugar and processed food, there were many changes that I still needed to make. I then moved on to 2 rounds of a P90X/Insanity Hybrid because I really wanted to focus on toning up and getting stronger. I definitely saw great results and gained more strength.

Still not satisfied, and definitely not seeing those “infomercial results”, in August 2011 I finally decided to dive fully into the P90X nutrition plan and ordered Shakeology. During the next three and a half months, which we spent on a nation wide tour, I tracked my food intake, used Shakeology, and continued my P90X/Insanity Hybrids. After a full year of working my tail off with Beachbody, I saw my greatest gains in strength, energy, and body fat reduction ever just because I simply adhered to the P90X Nutrition Guide and added Shakeology to my daily nutrition plan!

At this point I became a Beachbody coach so I could help other people with their fitness goals and dreams. Because surely there are others out there like me that think “I’ve got this nutrition thing under control” while spinning their wheels getting no where after months of butt kicking workouts!

In 2012 I moved on to complete P90X2, Insanity: The Asylum, and a P90X/Asylum hybrid. My biggest challenge is staying consistent with my nutrition.  Life on the road as a musician isn’t even close to a healthy lifestyle.  So we have had to become vigilant with our fitness and nutrition while touring.  What I have come to realize is that nutrition is the biggest part of this journey that I am on. My fitness and nutrition journey is an ongoing process that I strive to get better at everyday.