Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy Neely – NEELY Spring 2011 Tour(

Rockstars aren’t supposed to be fat!  They are supposed to be thin as rails and wear skinny jeans or tight leather pants right?  While, yes, I was a standout athlete in High School and College those days ended in 1996 and I became a Husband to Kaci, a Father to 4 beautiful daughters, and a provider.

Early on in this new chapter of my life, the adjustment of having a desk job took it’s toll.  By the Winter of 1999 my weight had spiked to the 235-245 range.  I was having all kinds of medical problems and was just generally unhappy with life.  At the funeral of one of Kaci’s Uncles her Widowed Aunt said to me bluntly, “you better get a grip on your health or you’ll be the next one we put in the ground”.  Needless to say death is quite a motivator.  Over the next few months I took Ephedra laced supplements, bought a Bow-flex (and used it!), and rode my mountain bike to work.  In 3 months time I dropped to 178!  Then it happened.  The FDA outlawed Ephedra.  Although I stayed active I would settle into the 195-198 pocket for the next 10 years.

Fast forward to 2009.  Kaci and I have been a part time Husband-Wife Rock Duo since 2001 called NEELY (  We had taken it to the edge of what a weekend warrior could do and God made some significant miracles happen that moved us from Central KS to Nashville, TN (Job phased out over a 6 month period, House sold in 3 weeks with no realtor, and we found a steal of a deal in a good neighborhood to name a few).

This new move into full time Rockstar-dom in the middle of Music City was a wake up call!  Everyone in Nashville can sing, play, and they look goooood!!!  Kaci and I realized that no one wants to watch chubby people waddle around on stage…not in the real of Rock-n-Roll anyways.  So in July of 2010 we purchased Insanity and started round 1.

Things are never easy and because I was also moonlighting as a Lighting Director and Rigger for a Production Company I found myself in mid-July unable to workout as I had an accident on a huge stage setup in Sturgis, SD that left a gash in my ankle with 6 stitches and limited mobility.

Come the last weekend in August 2010 I hit the ground running with my “take 2″ at round 1 of Insanity.  There were a couple things missing though.  First, both Kaci and I had fooled ourselves into thinking that we did not need to adhere to a Nutrition Guide let alone THE Nutrition Guide.  Secondly, we thought that Shakeology was all an “infomercial load of crap” for an overpriced protein shake that we could get for $15 at Wal-Mart.  It took us a full year before we found out the folly in our way of thinking.

My first round of insanity ended with me dropping 8lbs and a few inches here and there but I still had “man boobs” and the “man handles” around the mid-section.  Round two came and went…nothing new.  I was literally killing myself during workouts.  My joints were in a constant state of pain because I was going so hard.  Nothing changed.

January of 2011 I started doing a P90X-Insanity Hybrid with Kaci, followed by a round of P90X which was followed by another P90X-Insanity Hybrid.  Not much changed if anything at all.  Mid July, 2011, after basically 3 rounds of P90X (two of which were hybrids with Insanity) and I’m maybe doing 5 pull ups on a good day.  Otherwise I’m still doing chair assist.  Something had to change!!!

Jeremy's Before and After photos

Jeremy’s Before and After photos as of December 19, 2011

August 1, 2011 was our D-Day.  We were going to start another P90X-Insanity Hybrid but this time we were going to follow the P90X Nutrition Guide AND use Shakeology.  After 3 days of using Shakeology I told Kaci, “we absolutely must find a way to use this stuff for the rest of our lives!” By the end of August I was blown away by the changes in my body!  By this time I’m free of joint pain and I’m hitting between 12 – 15 reverse grip pull ups…all in 30 days!

What I haven’t told you thus far is that we make our money by touring and doing shows all across America.  We play house concerts, clubs, wineries, coffee houses, Church Youth Groups, lead Sunday Worship Services, Fairs, Festivals…you name it, we play it!  On August 20th we took off on a 4 month, coast to coast, 48 date tour.  To say that we were nervous about our nutrition while on the road is an understatement!

But we made it!  We rarely miss a workout while on tour.  It’s tough but it’s not impossible.  Thanks to tips from Coach Wayne and the rest of we found that every once in a while we could eat at a restaurant…we just had to be informed of which one and what we would get going in.  Our handy dandy Coleman Cooler that we could plug in via a Cigarette Lighter Adapter saved our bacon on a daily basis whether we were in a Hotel (which was rare) or staying with a host family.

As Coach Wayne (my Beachbody Coach) would say, “it’s not about where you start it’s about where you finish.  Don’t call me a success story yet because I’ve got work to do”.  My goal is to land in the 6 – 8% Body Fat range.  Right now I’m seeing that goal is pretty dang doable.  Even if I do play another 90-100 shows across America this next year!

Here’s a chart of my beginning numbers, my 30 Day numbers, and my most recent measurements after we got home from tour:

                            August 1                August 31      December 19
Weight                 182lbs                     172.8lbs            166.8lbs
Chest                    40″                           38″                       37 1/2″
Waist (navel)     36 1/2″                    34 1/2″               32″
Hips                     38 3/4″                    38″                      37″
R Thigh               23″                           22 3/4″               22″
L Thigh               23 1/4″                    23″                       22″
R Arm                  15 1/4″                    15″                       14 1/2″
L Arm                  15 1/4″                    15″                       14 1/2″
Body Fat             16.63%                   13.69%                10.6%